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As a trainer in technical or industrial electronics professions, by acquiring this material kit for a switching cabinet, you are investing in didactic materials which can accompany training over the long term.

The modular concept allows you to use the switching cabinet again for future learning situations, either by using our enhancement modules or with your own enhancements. You can connect functional models via the interfaces in the side wall (sensors, actuators, safety circuit, motors). The switch cabinet fits easily on a work bench and can be conveniently worked on whether you are standing or sitting.

This project contains an aluminium practice sheet and an accompanying task, making it suitable for practice in sheet metal working, even for beginners. The primary task for the basic module material kit is: processing, equipping, assembly and wiring the switch cabinet, using a rectified voltage of 24 V DC.

A discount according to quantity is possible with this product.

1. Analysing electrotechnical systems and testing functions
2. Planning and carrying out electrical installations
3. Analysing and adapting control systems

Learning contents

  • Mechanical processing
    Scribing, punching, filing, sawing, drilling, punching, deburring
  • Assembly
    Installing, mounting, assembling, screwing, connecting
  • Wiring
    Connect, Connect
  • Soldering technology
    Wiring, soldering, contacting
  • Commissioning
    Checking, testing, measuring

Work orders (extract)

  • Mechanical processing
    Construction of the basic carrier, production of a practice plate, making the cut-outs for the side plates, processing and assembly of the side and front plates.
  • Assembly and wiring
    Preparation of the mounting plate, equipping of the mounting plate, equipping of the side and front panels, installation of the mounting plate, installation of the main switch, the push buttons, basic wiring of the mounting plate, wiring of the safety relay, production of the printed circuit board for the low voltage supply.
  • Testing and commissioning
    Visual inspection, acceptance certificate according to DIN VDE 0100 part 610, commissioning.

Contains basics on:

  • Caliper
  • Marking and graining
  • Drilling
  • Lowering
  • Thread cutting
  • Sheet metal punching
  • Dimensions
  • Files
  • Deburring
  • Wire colours
  • Protective earth connection
  • Soldering
  • Practice measurement DIN VDE 0100


All components

Equipment (extract):

  • Switch cabinet size BHT (mm): 500 x 700 x 250
  • Transformer and rectifier circuit (kit) for 24 and 5 VDC
  • Safety relay
  • 400 V AC connection (230 V also possible)
  • Phase failure module
  • Surge arrester
  • RCD
  • PCB holder
  • Various types and sizes of terminal blocks
  • Profile frame