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MAPS Professional – Double-sided
Order-№: 94305  
Price on request

We have created this example configuration to show you the wide range of options for individually assembling your MAPS. The possible configuration shown here contains all the essential components and attachment parts for ensuring maximum learning success in the area of control technology. You can also order the attachment parts shown here separately. In this way, you can expand your "basic version" piece by piece. We would be pleased to provide you with other attachment parts and specialist room designs on request.

  • Teaching system for practical vocational and advanced training
  • Robust and stable design (GS-certified)
  • Flexibly deployable and extendible
  • Clearly arranged and well-thought-out design
  • Suitable sets of pneumatic and electropneumatic equipment with standard industrial components from the Rexroth industrial range

Details which persuade

  • Upright, inclination-adjustable grooved profile plate, for particularly ergonomic working
  • 25 mm groove spacings allow particularly flexible and precise configuration of pneumatic circuits
  • Snap-in technology: flexible and stable mounting of PN components and electrical assemblies
  • Mounting frame for accommodating power boxes with tandem snap-in fastening technology
  • Experimental frame for accommodating laboratory panels in DIN A4 format

  1. Base frame incl. bench top and base plate; sturdily welded steel frame, 2 aluminium foot profiles screwed to the frame with 2 brackets each 1700 x 950 x 780 mm (W x D x H), rear feet 1900 mm high (GS-certified)
  2. Bench top 1600 x 950 mm (W x D), melamine resin coated 40 mm thick
    Base plate 1498 x 600 mm (W x D), melamine resin coated, 28 mm thick
  3. 4 guide rollers Ř 125 mm, 2 of which are lockable.
  4. Grooved plate for fastening components with snap-in fastening technology (SI)
  5. Mounting frame for electrical components with tandem snap-in fastening technology (TSI)
  6. Experimental frame for accommodating A4 teaching panels, depth-adjustable
  7. System channel (safety and switch unit, RCD switch type B, fixed voltage source 24V/5A, 4-gang multiple socket, distributor box, pneumatics supply)
  8. Cable holder for accommodating approx. 40 shrouded plugs
  9. Storage tray for hydraulic unit
  10. Monitor bracket incl. extension arm, keyboard support and mouse tray
  11. PC bracket
  12. Screw-on container for storing the pneumatic and electropneumatic components

  Order-Nr.  Name
 MAPS Basic – Single-sided   94300  MAPS Basic – Single-sided 
 MAPS Mechatronic - Single-sided   94301  MAPS Mechatronic - Single-sided  
 MAPS Professional - Single-sided   94302  MAPS Professional - Single-sided  
 MAPS Basic  –  Double-sided   94303  MAPS Basic – Double-sided 
 MAPS Mechatronic  –  Double-sided   94304  MAPS Mechatronic – Double-sided