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Solar Power Case - Advanced set
Order-№: 76704  
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The advanced set includes:

  • Basic equipment (item no. 75636)
  • Sound generator (item no. 76700)
  • Digital multimeter (item no. 76701)
  • Stand and a halogen lamp (item no. 76702)

These products can also be added individually to the basic set. The Experiment Manual (item no. 76632) includes tasks for the advanced set. 

 1 x work case                
 1 x photovoltaic module      
 1 x ammeter                  
 1 x voltmeter                
 1 x safety-low voltage socket
 1 x movement sensor          
 1 x sealed lead-acid accumulator                  
 1 x regulator                
 1 x socket battery charger    
 1 x diode wire              
 3 x spare fuses             
 1 x energy saving lamp      
 1 x lamp and LED lamp       
 15 x red MC wires           
 15 x blue MC wires          
 1 x sound generator         
 1 x digital multimeter      
 1 x stand with 230 V halogen spotlight