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The new solar power lab from Christiani is another impressive system for teaching photovoltaics along with its popular solar power case. The solar power lab provides students with practical understanding of bothh off-grid and on-grid technology.

Working with the individual modules, students gain a clear insight into the circuits commonly used in photovoltaics. The modules are made of stable, shatter-proof material and have replaceable sides, fronts and backs. In addition, the rear wall is transparent, so that the students can clearly see the technology inside.    

Both theory and practice of the following topics can be investigated using the solar power laboratory off-grid tech-nology:

  • Investigation of devices in the StecaGRID on-grid feed system
  • Measurements and optimisation of PV string concepts; circuit variations, measurement recording and safety concepts
  • Overvoltage protection and safety regulations for grid feed
  • ENS basic function and functional test•  Set up, measure and expand the feed-in system
  • Data transfer from the inverter to the display
  • Effi ciency and balance calculations of the power for consumption and supply
  • Transfer: Expand the circuitry and service
  • Project: Design and build a PV on-grid system for use in practice

 The solar power laboratory on-grid technology consists of the following parts and components:

  • Photovoltaic module, 48 V, (shown on the right) including 4 removable halogen spotlights with holding fi xture and set of connections
  • DC disconnector
  • Energy and power meter 230 V
  • Feed inverter with monitoring unit
  • Remote display unit