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Magazine Unit 2
as Manufacturing kit
Order-№: 64285  
Price on request

Complete material kit (unmachined) for realization of the project work.
For processing the project documents are required.

A maximum of 10 workpieces are stored in a stack magazine. The lowest workpiece is pushed from the stack on to the conveyor belt by a pneumatic cylinder. A sensor is checking the equipment status of the magazine. This functional unit is completely fixed upon one mounting plate, which enables its easy and flexible mounting on an aluminium profile plate both stand-alone and together with additional functional units.

  • Work planning and technical communication
  • Checking, marking and scribing
  • Manual and mechanical machining, cutting and forming
  • Assembly work, connecting
  • Construction of electric controls
  • Construction of pneumatic controls
  • PLC-programming
  • Commissioning of mechanic, electric and pneumatic systems
  • Trouble shooting
  • Automatizing of working sequence

Aluminium profile plate: 80 x 230 mm

Operating pressure: 4 bar

Operating voltage: 24 VDC

• 1 micro end switch
• 2 cylinder end switches

• 1 double-acting pneumatic cylinder
• 1 5/2-way valve

Connector Modules:
with 2 x 8 bit connector plug

• 3 digital PLC-inputs
• 2 digital PLC-outputs

  • Magazine Unit 2 - unmachined material kit

Delivery inclusive 3 workpieces (black, white, alu) and 6 pins

Requires additionally (not included in scope of delivery):

2 connecting cable (order no.: 53731 or 53609)

  Order-Nr.  Name
 Magazine Unit 2  Fully assembled   64359  Magazine Unit 2
Fully assembled
 Magazine Unit 2  as Assembly kit   64286  Magazine Unit 2
as Assembly kit
 Magazine Unit 1 Fully assembled   64324  Magazine Unit 1
Fully assembled
 Magazine Unit 1  as Manufacturing kit   64304  Magazine Unit 1
as Manufacturing kit
 Magazine Unit 1 as Assembly kit   64264  Magazine Unit 1
as Assembly kit