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Training Board System Basics of Electrical Engineering/Electronics
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Our instruction system for the basics of electrical engineering/ electronics provides a complete teaching and learning system for the basics of electrical engineering, electronics and analogue technology. Cover all topics to convey the basics in this area on a single system. The instruction system features a function generator, different voltage sources and a large panel for setting up experiments. In addition, a USB oscilloscope and a measuring interface are included for measuring and visualizing the processes. The clear arrangement and the detailed experiment guides ensure efficient learning.

The PC ELECTRONIC BOARD features a function generator, various voltage sources and a large patch panel for setting up experiments. The function generator and DC power source can be operated using the visualization software included in delivery. A measuring interface and a 2-channel USB oscilloscope are available as an option.

Accessory set for PC ELECTRONIC BOARD
Components and storage board for the experiments of the PC ELECTRONIC BOARD.

2-channel USB oscilloscope including software
The 2-channel USB oscilloscope is available as an option for the PC Electronic Board and includes the software in delivery. The software is used for a simplified representation of the signals measured on the USB oscilloscope, enabling representation of signals in the time and frequency range.

Measuring interface incl. visualization software
Using the optional measuring interface incl. visualization software, measurement data can be presented on a PC monitor easily. Two voltage and two current measuring inputs are available.

Laboratory table not included in the scope of delivery!

  • DC, AC and three-phase technology
  • Characteristics of diodes and transistors
  • Characteristics of thyristors and triacs
  • Amplifier circuits
  • Oscillator circuits
  • Modulators and demodulators
  • Trigger circuits
  • Power supply circuits
  • Switching voltage regulators and DC converters
  • Circuits for power electronics
  • PC ELECTRONIC BOARD with USB-PC connection
  • Accessory set (plug elements and storage board)
  • Connecting lines and plugs
  • Measuring interface incl. visualization software
  • USB oscilloscope incl. oscilloscope software
  • Experiment guides for DC technology, AC technology, semiconductor components and basic electronics circuits
  • Electronics engineers of devices and systems
  • Industrial electricians of devices and systems
  • Electricians of information and system technology
  • Basics for all other electrical/electronics professions