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Training Board for Digital Technology
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Convey basic electrical engineering and electronics knowledge through experiments. The DIGITAL training board covers the basic circuits of digital technology as well as microcontroller programming. The prepared experiments feature detailed documentation and can be set up and carried out safely by the trainees themselves. This offers the critical advantage of allowing trainees to execute and reflect on the assigned tasks themselves.

The learning objectives included in basics:
  • Understanding functional equations of the basic elements of digital technology
  • Getting to know circuit symbols of the basic elements
  • Getting to know function charts of the basic elements
  • Creating and understanding function charts of combinations from the basic elements
  • Creating and understanding wiring diagrams based on function charts
  • Understanding and applying function tables and digital circuits
  • Understanding and creating signal time schedules
Basic elements and circuits of digital technology:
  • Get to know and analyse inverters and buffers
  • Analyse and understand an AND element
  • Analyse and understand an OR element
Combinations of the basic elements:
  • Connect AND with inverters and examine them
  • Connect OR with inverters and examine them
  • Examine and understand NAND
  • Examine and understand NOR
  • Set up, analyse and understand flipflop
Subjects for expansion of digital technology 2:
  • Schmitt trigger
  • Monostable multivibrator
  • Time-delay circuit
  • J-K flip-flop
  • Shift register
  • Ring register
  • 7-segment display
  • Counter with 7-segment displays
  • 8-bit analogue-digital converter
  • Differential bus transceiver
  • 4-channel logic analyser
  • Overload-protected fi xed voltage source
  • 6 experimental wiring PCBs
  • 1 universal experimental circuit board
  • All required connecting lines
  • Separate adapter

We recommend the microcontroller expansion set for this application (article 50940).