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Mechatronic System SSC2P2HV2-B - ready for use system
Order-№: 69567  
Price on request

Mechatronic System with SIMATIC S7-1516-3PN/DP - fully assembled and programmed

The mechatronic systems SSC2P2HV2-A and SSC2P2HV2-B are each a single part of a complete production line. But both systems can be operated separately. Both systems can be composed for the whole production process. They built together the entire system SSC2P2HV2 (Article 69558).

The mechatronic system SSC2P2HV2-B depicts the second part of a manufacturing plant. It includes the processes handling, processing and storing (optional retrieving).

It is delivered fully assembled, wired, programmed and tested.
It is ideally suitable for teaching PLC programming and visualisation, as well as for commissioning and troubleshooting of automated industrial mechatronic systems. For these applications the SSC2P2HV2-B offers a safe environment for students to explore modern industrial automation.

The project documents assist you and your students when working with the station and provides all relevant information for self-contained learning and action-based training.

Process description:
This station is the second half of the SSC2P2HV2 system and complements the SSC2P2HV2-B, product-no. 69566.
It provides the subsequent process by picking up the cube halves from the Belt Conveyor (previous station) with the Handling Unit and moving them to the Pneumatic Press.
In the Press Unit both cube halves are joined together. Subsequently the Handling Unit again fetches the manufactured cube and forwards it to the ASRS where the cube is stored by the rack feeder.
The system uses workpieces made of aluminium, white and black plastic and spring pins for joining the cube halves.

Station description:
The mechatronic station consists of 2 base plates (T-slotted AL-profile plate) which are equipped with the following mechatronic functional units:
1 Handling Unit, 1 Pneumatik Press, 1 ASRS, 1 Service Unit.
The mechatronic station is controlled by one SIMATIC S7-1516-3PN/DP programmable logic controller (PLC) and one SIMATIC TP700 Comfort HMI color touch panel. The PLC offers a ProfiNet and ProfiBus interface on board which can be used to set up a network with other PLCs or controls and to teach industrial network technology.

The SSC2P2HV2-B can be extended with a previous segment to achieve a full process.
Both segments together (SSC2P2HV2-A and SSC2P2HV2-B) add up to the complete system (product no.: 69558).
The PLC program of the SSC2P2HV2-B is already designed in such a way that the first segment can be connected via ProfiNet and will run automatically with the second segment.

Detailed information regarding the used and above mentioned functional units are available on our web site.

The mechatronic station is provided fully assembled, programmed, tested and ready to use.
The PLC program is written in SIMATIC STEP 7.
All comments within the PLC program are in English, as well as the documentation belonging to the system.

  • PLC programming
  • Commissioning of electromechanic systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Automating of work processes

The system offers a sustainable training equipment for vocational training in the fields of mechatronic and industrial automation technology.

It is perfectly suitable for vocational schools, polytechnical schools, (advanced) technical colleges and universities as well as for training purposes in companies.

Primary power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Internal voltage level: 24 V DC
Required air supply: min. 4 bar, max 10 bar
Average air consumption: approx. 10 l/min
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1200 x 1010 x 630 mm
Weight (with documents and cubes): 44,10 kg

For system operation a suitable air supply is required

Fully assembled, programmed and tested training system for mechatronics, PLC and HMI.

Consisting of:

  • 2 T-slotted base plates (800 x 550 / 400 x 550 mm)
  • 1 Pneumatic Press
  • 1 Handling Unit
  • 1 ASRS
  • 1 Service Unit
  • 1 PLC SIMATIC 1516-3PN/DP
  • 1 color touch panel including engineering Software WinCC
  • Power Supply 24 V DC
  • PLC program
  • HMI visualisation
  • Workpieces
  • All required cables/hoses
  • Technical documentation (language: English)

Requires additionally:

  • Compressor (optional) or any similar air pressure source rated @ min. 4 bar, max. 10 bar
  • Trolleys (optional)

Price excl. packaging/shipping.

  Order-Nr.  Name
 Compressor 8 bar silent   64080  Compressor 8 bar silent 
 Compressor 8 bar silent   69887  Compressor 8 bar silent 
 Set of workpieces ( 1 cube half Alu/POM WT/POM BK and 2 connecting pins)   54099  Set of workpieces ( 1 cube half Alu/POM WT/POM BK and 2 connecting pins) 
 Cube half aluminium   53320  Cube half aluminium 
 Cube half POM black   53321  Cube half POM black 
 Cube half POM white   53322  Cube half POM white 
 Spring pins for cube halves   53331  Spring pins for cube halves 
 Hose cutter   60524  Hose cutter 
 Trolley (655 x 550 x 800) excl. Profile Plate Assembly kit   64232  Trolley (655 x 550 x 800) excl. Profile Plate Assembly kit 
 Trolley 655 x 550 x 800   64222  Trolley 655 x 550 x 800 
  Order-Nr.  Name
 Mechatronic System SSC2P2HV2-A - ready for use   69566  Mechatronic System SSC2P2HV2-A - ready for use 
 Mechatronic System SSC2P2HV2   69558  Mechatronic System SSC2P2HV2 
 Mechatronic System SSC2P2H   69394  Mechatronic System SSC2P2H