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Mechatronic System UbiFactory
ready for use system
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The mMS UbiFactory activity-based training system from Christiani provides you with the perfect method for teaching automation technology step by step – from simple procedures right through to complex processes based on the principles of Industry 4.0. The modular design is therefore optimal for imparting knowledge and practical experience and is equally suitable for initial operational training and advanced technical training, as well as for university projects. Various functional assemblies, a robot and two control systems (PLCs) are mounted on four mobile profile trolleys with T-shaped slotted plates for this purpose. This configuration allows the user to implement various automated processes. The processes and routes undertaken by the workpieces are controlled by the RFID tags integrated in the cube halves. It is possible to remove one section of the system to reduce the overall process.

Operating concept:
A touch panel is provided for operating the system. This enables users to control the assemblies manually, observe their condition, adjust and manage formulae, initiate processes and query errors.

Control technology:
The system is equipped with two control systems – one S7-1516F-3PN/DP and one Phoenix Contact ILC131 ETH, as well as a separate robot control system. The control systems are networked via Ethernet. Other devices can be connected to the network at any time.

Cube assembly process:
Aluminium and plastic cube halves (some with pins) are pushed out of the magazine units onto the conveyor belts. They are transported to the press by a handling unit or robot and the top and bottom halves are joined together. Depending on the instructions, the robot may place another insert part into the cube. Completed cubes are removed by the handling unit or robot and stored, ejected via the chutes or disassembled straight away.

Cube disassembly process:
Completed cubes are removed by the robot either from the ASRS or the chutes and disassembled using the clamping unit. The top and bottom cube halves are placed back into the magazine unit and the insert parts are returned to the insert part chutes.

Endless process:
The processes described above combine to produce a single endless process. This makes the mechatronics system particularly suitable for displays and demonstrations, because it can operate with virtually no supervision.

  • Measuring and testing mechanical, electrical and pneumatic values
  • Analysing and optimising processes in automation systems
  • PLC and robot programming
  • Networking industry components
  • Operating mechatronic systems
  • Commissioning, maintaining and performing troubleshooting on automated systems
  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Electronics engineers for automation technology
  • Electronics engineers for machines and drive technology
  • Technical schools specialising in automation
  • Universities specialising in mechatronics, automation technology and similar courses

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1700 x 1100 x 1500 mm
Continuous sound pressure level:
Approx. 53 dB (A)

Power supply:

Operating voltage: 230 V AC
Control voltage:
24 V DC
50 Hz
Back-up fuse:
2 A

Compressed air supply (filtered, unlubricated compressed air):

Feed-in: 6 – 10 bar
Operating pressure:
4 – 6 bar

Modular mechatronics system comprising:

  • 1x Service Unit
  • 2x 700 mm Conveyor Belt
  • 5x Magazine Unit
  • 1x installation device (press)
  • 1x Handling Unit
  • 1x ASRS
  • 2x triple chute
  • 1x Clamping Unit for disassembly of the cubes
  • 2x PLC (Siemens, Phoenix Contact)
  • 1x Touch panel for operating the system
  • 1x 6-axis UR5 articulated arm robot
  • 1x electrical robot gripper
  • Touch panel programming device for robots
  • 5x RFID write/read head, two Processing Units
  • PLC program and robot program
  • Mobile profile trolley
  • Workpieces (cube halves, connecting pins, insert parts)
  • Instructions/technical documentation (language: German/English)

The system is delivered fully assembled.

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