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package 3 (with PM 24V/8A)
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Package 3: Trainer Package SIMATIC S7-1512C-1PN - Basic components without CP 1542-5 DP, with PM 24V/8A

  • SIMATIC S7-1500 Compact CPU 1512C-1 PN
  • CPU with display
  • Cental processing unit with working memory 250 KB for program and 1 MB for data
  • 32 digital inputs
  • 32 digital outputs
  • 5 analog inputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 6 high speed counters
  • 1. interface: PROFINET IRTwith 2 port switch
  • PROFINET IO-controller/IO-devic
  • 48 ns bit performance
  • inclusive front connector
  • SIMATIC memory card necessary


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Compact advanced controllers combine small size with high performance

The new advanced controllers from Siemens are small in size but big in performance. Simatic S7-1511C has a bit performance of 60ns; the equivalent performance for the somewhat larger Simatic S7-1512C is 48ns. Just by switching from older generations of controllers, users therefore benefit from the large range of functions in the high-performance hardware. For integrating into networks, both models have a Profinet connection with two ports and an integrated Web server.

Simatic S7-1511C and S7-1512C engineering is through the TIA Portal. Siemens has updated the TIA Portal V13 with Service Pack 1. The latest version offers high-performance functions such as variant management. Automatic address adjustment and option handling – centrally, locally, and via networks – open up new opportunities for machine manufacturers to design modular and expandable machines. Other advantages include the clear potential cost savings in the manufacture, commissioning, and documentation of machinery.


Since the launch of the new Simatic S7-1500 generation of controllers in 2012, Siemens has systematically expanded its controller portfolio. The new compact range provides users with a total of fourteen S7-1500 central processing units (of which 6 have Safety Integrated) for a huge variety of applications – from small series production machines to complex plant with significant requirements in terms of speed and deterministics. At the SPS IPC Drives 2014 trade fair, Siemens also presented for the first time a software controller based on the Simatic S7-1500 for use in PC-based automation. The S7-1500 software controller based on Simatic S7-1500 PLC is available for Simatic industrial PCs. It runs independently of Windows and is therefore available for a wide variety of systems. An overview of the complete range of automation controllers can be accessed at


Further information:

-> Introduction in S7-1500

-> product videos

  • Schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • for in house vocational training departments
  • Siemens product no: 6ES7512-1CK00-4AB1
  • Weigth: 4,6 kg

Technical data CPU 1512C-1 PN

  • Width: 110 mm (expandable over 25/35 mm IO-modules)
  • PROFINET Interface with 2 ports: yes
  • Webserver: yes
  • Display: yes
  • Random access memory: 250 kB program, 1 mb of data
  • Bitperformance: 48 ns
  • Integrated digital inputs/outputs:
  • - 32 DI
  • - 32 DO
  • Integrated analog inputs/outputs: 4 AI (U/I) + 1 AI RTD, 2 AO (U/I)
  • Technology integration:
  • - 6 x HSC, 100 kHz
  • - 4 x PTOs / PWMs, 100 kHz
  • Can be configured with: STEP 7 V13 SP1 Update 4


  • 1x SIMATIC PM 1507 24 V/8 A stabilized power supply for SIMATIC S7-1500
    Input: 120/230 V AC
    Output: 24 V/8 A DC
    (Siemens-no: 6EP1333-4BA00)
  • 1x SIMATIC S7-1500 compact CPU, CPU 1512C-1 PN, central processing unit with working memory 250 KB for program and1 MB for data, 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs,
    5 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 6 High speed counters, 1. interface: PROFINET IRT
    with 2 port switch, 48 NS bit-performance, incl. front connector, SIMATIC memory card necessary
    (Siemens-no: 6ES7512-1CK00-0AB0)
  • 1x SIMATIC S7-1500, mounting rail 482 mm (appr. 19 inch) incl. grounding element, integrated DIN rail for mounting of small components such as clamps, fuses or relays
    (Siemens-no: 6ES7590-1AE80-0AA0)
  • 1x SIMATIC S7, memory card for S7-1X00 CPU/SINAMICS, 3,3 V Flash, 24 MByte
    (Siemens-no: 6ES7954-8LF02-0AA0)
  • 1x SIMATIC NET industrial ETHERNET TP XP cord RJ45/RJ45, CAT 6A, crossed TP cable 4x2, preassembled w. 2 RJ45 connectors, length 6 m
    (Siemens-no: 6XV1870-3RH60)
  • 1x SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional–Software for Training 1er license
    (Siemens-no: 6ES7822-1AA03-4YA5)

64 BIT: WINDOWS 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate SP1
32 BIT: Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate SP1