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Mobile PV Generator Teaching System
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Mobile teaching system with 20 PV modules for teaching the basics and basic circuits of photovoltaic technology.

The modules can be strung individually via safety lines. Operation with sun simulation (halogen spotlight) or with sunlight.

The mobile PV Generator Teaching System conveys the basic information and basic circuits required for photovoltaic technology. The 20 PV modules can be individually strung via safety cables. Operation is possible with halogen headlights as solar simulation or with real sunlight. The model teaches trainees how to design, test, commission and optimise PV systems.

The didactic and methodical concept of the PV Generator Teaching System conveys the practical knowledge and skills required by specialists using photovoltaic energy systems. The teaching system simulates – completely harmlessly from a safety perspective – commercially available energy technology components that are operated with voltages of up to 400 V in real-life situations. It is therefore designed for professional energy qualifications and can be used for practical measurement and testing work on PV systems within the scope of further and advanced training.

In combination with the following energy systems for grid feed, storage and energy management, the "mobile PV generator" is the real energy source for a complex, state-of-the-art energy system.

  • Basic knowledge of the physical processes involved in generating electricity from light. Understanding of the system conditions for photovoltaic systems
  • Knowledge of the physical operating conditions of PV generators
  • Consultancy expertise on choosing a location for installing PV modules
  • Knowledge of safety-related installation conditions for PV modules
  • Systematic approach to testing and commissioning a PV generator
  • Ability to draw up test records for modules and complete module circuits
  • Understanding of processes for energy optimisation in PV generators
  • Knowledge of how to adapt the power of a PV generator to downstream inverters and energy systems
  • Understanding of the energy system integration of photovoltaics into other energy-related concepts
  • Consultancy expertise on the energy-related restoration and optimisation of PV generators
  • Initial training/training professions: Electrical engineer for energy and building services engineering
  • Continuing education: For further training in renewable energies and electrical engineering
  • Company and inter-company training centres
  • Universities
  • Operational research and development
  • Scientific research and development
  • Mobile PV generator
  • With detailed didactic documents, consisting of basic information as well as numerous tasks and solutions.
  • Dimensions: W x D x H = approx. 200 x 80 x 195 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 80 kg
  • Electrical connection: 230 V alternating current (for sun simulation)
  • Scope of delivery