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Mobile training stand on castors for teaching practical basics in heating hydraulics.

Complete customer orders in the field of heat distribution are processed at the training stand, from order planning to evaluation.

For many tasks in heating hydraulics, such as:

  • Inspection work on the diaphragm expansion vessel (MAG)
  • Programming the outdoor temperature controller
  • Flow meter for total volume flow and for strand volume flows
  • 4-channel temperature measuring instrument with data interface
  • Measuring connection for flow/return flow for temperature difference measurement
  • Temperature measurements via plug-in sensor in the medium

The didactic documents are an essential part of the training stand heating hydraulics. 
The didactic documents contain learning field oriented learning situations, in particular on the topic "Installing heat distribution systems".

In addition, further learning objectives can be imparted in the context of didactically prepared customer orders: 

  • Overall understanding of a central heating system 
  • Function and programming of the outdoor temperature controller
  • Function and testing of the diaphragm expansion vessel (MAG)
  • Understanding of hydraulic balancing
  • Recording and understanding the temperature and pressure conditions in a central heating system
  • Vocational schools
  • Company and inter-company training centres
  • Heat transfer station with heat exchanger for connection to a heat generator. 
  • With digital 4-channel temperature measuring device with data interface.
  • With 4 plug-in temperature probes for measurement directly in the medium  
  • Temperature/pressure measuring connection for flow and return, for temperature difference measurement.
  • 4 radiator simulations with flow meters and with recording of the radiator output temperature; each radiator simulation has a blower for heat dissipation.  With 4 different thermostatic valves (different types and different manufacturers).                      
  • With 4 line regulating valves.       
  • Flow meters for total volume flow and for strand volume flows.
  • With heating controller with simulation of the outside temperature via potentiometer.                   
  • With short-circuit valve for maximum flow          
  • 3-way mixing unit with high-efficiency pump and with safety group             
  • With several different air vents.                        
  • With variable area flowmeters
  • Dimensions (W x D x H in mm): approx. 1,500 x 900 x 1,940
  • Weight: approx. 120 kg
  • Connections:
    • Hydraulics/heat: via quick coupling
    • Electrical: 230V AC