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Training Stand
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The installation and maintenance of drinking water systems requires extensive expertise and skills.
With the new drinking water training stand, you can simulate many practical exercises and tasks, including for the following learning objectives, learning situations and topics:

  • Backflow testing
  • Maintenance work on the service line
  • Equipotential bonding
  • Professional insulation of drinking water lines to protect against heating or cooling
  • Safeguarding of drinking water
  • Measures to save drinking water
  • Anti-corrosion measures in drinking water systems
  • Commissioning of a drinking water line
  • Pipe network analysis
  • Assembly of an instantaneous water heater
  • Construction elements of drinking water heating systems
  • Illustration of pipe faults, such as stagnant side arm, trapped air, pressure surges
  • Domestic water connection with shut-off valves and non-return valve
  • Water meter with water meter bracket
  • Connection to the equipotential bonding
  • Combination of pressure regulator and backwashable fine filter
  • "Safe" aerator
  • Copper pipe installation with transparent, plastic sub-sections
  • Twin-tap and lever-mixer
  • Electrical hot water tank
  • Transparent diaphragm expansion vessel
  • Circulation line with pump
  • Various measuring points for pressure and temperature recording
  • Safety valve
  • Thermostatic valve for circulation line
  • Balancing valve
  • Workflow for customer orders, e.g. for maintenance of technical systems in a drinking water system:
    • Order analysis (liquid categories, safety valves, tasks of components, electrical hot water provision, knowledge about corrosion and condensation etc.)
    • Order planning (calculations, designs, principles for pipe dimensioning, etc.)
    • Order implementation (measured value recording, insulation, leak test, etc.)
    • Order assessment (measured value assessment, costs calculation, etc.)
  • Function and task of the backflow preventer (by back-suction tests with/without backflow preventer)
  • Maintenance work on the main connection line
  • Potential equalization
  • Professional insulation of drinking water pipes to protect against heating or cooling
  • Securing drinking water
  • Measures to reduce drinking water consumption
  • Corrosion protection measures in drinking water systems
  • Commissioning of a drinking water pipeline
  • Pipe network calculation
  • Installation of a hot water continuous flow storage tank
  • Components of drinking water heating systems
  • Display of string defects (e.g. dead side arm, air inclusion, pressure surges, etc.)
  • Vocational schools
  • Company and inter-company training centres
  • Mobile training stand on wheels
  • Detailed didactic documents with:
    • Basic information
    • Tasks
    • Solutions to the tasks

In each case presented in a practice-oriented manner via customer orders.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H in mm): 1,500 x 900 x 1,940
  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Electrical connection: 400 V (Cekon plug)
  • Water connection: GK coupling or ¾ inch