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VW Dualzone Climatronic
with with series auxiliary water heater Webasto Thermo-Top V
Training Stand
Order-№: 86070  
Price on request

This training stand has been assembled using original components from the Dual-Zone Climatronic system used in the VW Golf 6. Everything is arranged as it would be in the vehicle. The connections of all functionally relevant sensors and actuators, as well as the control devices and components of the cooling circuit are original connections exactly like those found in the vehicle. This makes it possible to work with the manufacturer‘s original documentation and circuit diagrams. Most of the original components are easily accessible for this or have been exposed to make them accessible.

The on-board diagnostic interface (OBD) allows connection of standard workshop diagnostics systems. This grants access to all fitted control devices and guarantees options such as basic settings of actuators, actuator diagnostics and measured value block exports. Another interface allows connection of up to 14 trainee measuring stations. This guarantees execution of measurement exercises when working in larger groups and using the multimeter or oscilloscope to take measurements and thereby determine the values and various signals.

In addition, the system is equipped with a heating circuit with an electric heating element. This circuit simulates the engine cooling circuit. This makes it possible to generate realistic operating conditions as a way of receiving measured values from the dualzone control system for diagnostic purposes.

Various components can be manipulated via an integrated and lockable fault circuit with 11 practical faults to perform troubleshooting. One pressure gauge for the high-pressure side and one for the low-pressure side are used to show the pressures under various load conditions.

In addition to this, connections are provided for using maintenance stations. The maintenance connections allow climate control maintenance units to be connected. This makes it easy to demonstrate and practice how to extract, clean, evacuate and fill the system with „R134a“ refrigerant.

The air-conditioning compressor is powered by a 3.6 kW 400 V three-phase AC motor and speed-controlled via a frequency inverter. The on-board electrical system is powered via a stabilised 12 V 40 A switched mode power supply. Emissions-free operation allows the unit to be used in training rooms.

For work on the refrigerant circuit of this system, proof of the expertise according to the Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance in connection with the regulations no. 517/2014 and no. 307/2008 (EU) is required.

  • Motor vehicle mechatronics technician with focus on passenger car technology
  • Automotive mechatronics technician with focus on system and high-voltage technology
  • Service technician
  • Master Craftsman/Institute for Automotive Technician
  • Working with maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, symbols, terminal designations, wires and wiring connections
  • Naming mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assembly groups and systems
  • Checking and repairing mechanical, electrical and electronic circuits and systems
  • Measuring and evaluating electrical variables and signals
  • Making use of the possibilities offered by commonly used workshop diagnosis testers
  • Processes for timing and in the control circuit
  • Functions of sensors and actuators based on the IPO principle (Input-Processing-Output)
  • Sequential and selective final control diagnostics, basic actuator settings

Complete, operational and ready-to-use training stand, two pressure gauges, fault circuit, operating manual, technical documentation and electric wiring diagrams

  • Original dashboard from the Golf 6
  • Complete Climatronic system with all accompanying control units
  • Electric heating rod for simulating the engine‘s cooling circuit
  • Original vehicle radiator with twin fan
  • Pressure gauge for the high-pressure and low-pressure side
  • Maintenance connections for air conditioning maintenance units
  • Webasto ThermoTop V additional water heater (only order number 86070)

For trouble-free continuous operation, the swash-plate compressor is driven by a 3.6 kW 400 V three-phase AC motor and is speed-controlled via a frequency converter. The 12 volt power is supplied via a voltage stabilized power supply.

  • Power supply: 400 Volt three phases 50 Hz
  • Connection: CEE connector (L1, L2, L3, N, PE)
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 1400 x 800 x 1950 mm
  • Weight: approx. 150 kg
  • Electrical connection: 400 V/16 A mains connection
  Order-Nr.  Name
 Ross-Tech® HEX-V2® VCDS Diagnostic System Basic Kit   14289  Ross-Tech® HEX-V2®
VCDS Diagnostic System
Basic Kit