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6th Edition 2006, 1168 Pages

The interesting reader is told about basics in mathematics and physics. Extensive international conversion tables and chemical values as well as information on the most important characteristics of material are conveying practice-oriented knowledge. In the chapter of „Technology“, basics in electrical engineering, electronics and electric machines are pictured. Explanations of the basics in industrial hydraulics and construction technology are added.
As a novelty, the topic of „Practical Applications“ was especially designed for the users, pointing out connections between material, procedure and power tools. Many user’s tables and illustrations are completing the topic, which is finally closed by recommendations on work safety


Encyclopedia of terms
- Metals
- Plastics
- Bamboo
- Stone materials

- Electro technology
- Accumulator technology
- Electrical machines
- Hazards of electricity
- Electrical safety
- Electronics
- Electro power tools
- High-speed tools
- Pneumatic tools
- Electronic measuring tools
- Clamping tools
- Diamond-equipped application tools
- Hydraulics
- Construction technology

Practical applications
Connection technology

- Fixing technology in stone materials
- Screwdriving technology
- Gluing technology
- Joining methods for metal
- Joining methods for wood
- Joining methods for bamboo

Processing technology
- Drilling
- Tapping
- Chiseling
- Sawing
- Routing
- Planing
- Sanding, grinding and cutting
- Rotary brushing
- Shearing and nibbling
- Wood turning
- Dust extraction technology
- Work safety