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1. edition 2014, approx. 240 pages, DIN A4

The training course "Manual Material Processing" covers the manual cutting manufacturing processes according to the technical training scheme for metalworking professions. The course covers the following skills in detail: filing, sawing, drilling, countersinking, reaming, chiselling, thread production and punching. The training materials also focus on testing, scribing and marking. Subsequent sections are dedicated to materials science, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

In 26 practical exercises, the trainee can apply their knowledge on various project tasks, in each case with work information, parts lists and work planning forms, as well as check and evaluation sheets. The exercises are structured according to the guiding text method and follow the "complete process" model. They therefore promote in particular the use of communication skills and social competence. The exercises can be performed individually or as group work.

Complete 26 practical exercises, including information sheets, self-evaluation and evaluation forms and learning objectives checks.

Time required to complete the course: approx. 14 weeks

* Package consists of five manuals for five trainees.

  • Read, use and create technical documents
  • Distinguish, assign and handle raw materials and supplies
  • Consider the material properties of steel, brass, copper and plastics during processing
  • Plan and manage workflows and movement sequences
  • Scribe and mark objects
  • Align and clamp tools and workpieces
  • Apply manufacturing processes for material cutting operations such as filing, sawing, drilling, thread production and reaming
  • Machine workpieces by drilling and countersinking
  • Separate materials by shearing, sawing and chiselling
  • Carry out cold forming by bending
  • Join components by srewing and pinning
  • Check lengths, angles, radii, surfaces, bores, counterbores and threads by measuring, fitting and using gauges
  • Check and evaluate production results
  • Maintain equipment