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mobileLab DC Case
Order-№: 76801  
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Using the mobileLab system you can teach the basic principles of electrical engineering in practical experiments. No special safety measures are required due to the low voltage. A special classroom is not required, nor are additional equipment or installations. The charging and storage cabinet is simply positioned and connected to a normal mains socket. Individual cases can also be charged using the AC adapter. The comprehensive documentation contains the description and analysis of numerous experiment circuits. 

The features of the mobileLab system:

  • Independent of the mains due to internal battery. If the battery is flat the cases can continue to be operated using the AC adapter provided.
  • Integrated, adjustable voltage source. The AC case also includes a function generator.
  • Operation with low voltages, as result completely safe even for beginners.
  • Ther overload protection on the integrated assemblies and the dimensions of the plug-in elements ensure that nothing can be damaged, even if used incorrectly.
  • A template is provided for each ot the pre-defined experiments; this template defines the circuit exactly.
  • All necessary plug-in elements, jumpers and wires are included.
  • The cases are charged in the special charging and storage cabinet and are kept ready for use. The connection is made by simply sliding into the cabinet.
  • Individual cases can also be charged without the charging cabinet using the AC adapter provide.
  • Dimensions: 410 x 110 x 335 mm (W x H x D)

A separate AC adapter for charging and operating the case is supplied.

The features of the DC case:

  • DC case with integrated, adjustable voltage source
  • Removeable multimeter
  • 16 experiment templates
  • All necessary plug-in elements, jumpers and wires
  Order-Nr.  Name
 mobileLab charging and storage cabinet   76826  mobileLab charging and storage cabinet 
  Order-Nr.  Name
 mobileLab AC Case   76806  mobileLab AC Case 
 mobileLab digital Case   93710  mobileLab digital Case