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Designing with Plastics
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Edition 2006, 518 pages

"Designing with Plastics" is an indispensable tool for every engineer and designer working with plastic materials. It will assist in the development of plastic parts that are not only functional and esthetically pleasing but also manufacturable while meeting ever increasing end-use requirements.

The short but concise introduction into the specific properties of this material class focuses on the practical needs of the designer and lays the foundation for the following in-depth discussion of part design suitable for production and the intended end-use application. Numerous detailed examples highlight practical tips and rules of thumb for successful part design.

  • Structure and Properties
  • Properties of Generic Polymeric Materials
  • Physical Properties - Characteristic Values - Test Methods and Procedures
  • Geometrically Simple Structural Parts under Static Loads
  • Design and Material Considerations for Parts Subjected to Mechanical Loads
  • Designing for Production
  • Flexing Elements
  • Mechanical Fasteners
  • Ribbed Structures
  • Gear Wheels
  • Friction Bearings
  • Wheels and Rollers