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International Plastics Handbook
The Resource for Plastics Engineers
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4th edition 2006, 902 pages

The International Plastics Handbook provides everything there is to know about plastics -comprehensively compiled in a compact and well organized format. From material properties to machines, processing, and applications, the user will find detailed information that will allow the successful implementation of new materials and technologies.

This concise, competent, modern reference not only explains the basic facts and interrelationships, but it is also a practical guide for engineers helping them succeed in today's challenging global industrial world.
Searching for specific materials, trade names, properties or any other information is particularly easy, because the reader also has free access to the electronic version of the book.

  • Introduction to Plastics Materials and their Synthesis
  • Properties and Testing Methods
  • Plastics Processing
  • Design of Plastics Parts
  • Plastic Grades, Properties, Applications
  • Additives and Fillers
  • Comparison of Plastic Materials (Characteristic Values, Diagrams)
  • Trade Names and Suppliers