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On/off hydraulics – First steps
Trainer‘s manual
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144 pages in 4-ring folder, four-color

The Teacher's Manual " On-/off-hydraulics - First steps " serves trainer and subject teacher for hydraulic control technology as an attendant and work book for transfer of knowledge by project works. With help of this book access into the subject hydraulics is provided by means of 10 project exercises. In chapter "Hydraulics Basics " important theoretical basic principles of hydraulics are summarized, which are necessary to perform the exercises. Projects are described which reflect particular practical examples from the industrial control technology. Generally must be considered that the project results as documented in this manual should provide teacher and trainee with clues. It is recommended to work on projects starting with project 01. At the end of every project exercise the respective project - / teacher's info is added. These information are exclusively provided in the teacher's manual.

  • Introduction
  • Basics of hydraulics
  • Project exercises
    • 01 Identifying components
    • 02 Commissioning
    • 03 Function of a pressure relief valve
    • 04 Cylinder control by a directional control valve
    • 05 Simulation of loads
    • 06 Influence of meter-in control
    • 07 Influence of variable system pressures
    • 08 Influence of variable load pressures
    • 09 Effects of meter-out control
    • 10 Function of a pressure reducing valve