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Turning made easy with ShopTurn
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First edition 2012, 218 pages, 29,7 x 21,0 cm, spiral binding

Although ShopTurn is easy to learn, these ShopTurn Training Documents allow you to enter this world even faster. Before, however, it comes to actually working with ShopTurn, the first sections cover a few important basics:

  • First, we will show you the advantages of working with ShopTurn.
  • Then, we will explain the basics of the operation.
  • And next, the geometrical and technological fundamentals will be introduced to the beginner.
  • A short introduction to tool management will be given in a further section.

The theory is followed by practical exercises with ShopTurn:

  • Five examples have been chosen to explain the machining possibilities with ShopTurn, whereby the degree of difficulty is increased continuously. At the beginning, all key actions are specified; later you will be prompted to proceed without help.
  • Then you will learn how to cut in AUTOMATIC mode using ShopTurn.
  • If you wish, at the end you may test your knowledge of ShopTurn.
  • Introduction
  • Ensuring everything runs smoothly
  • Basics for beginners
  • Well equipped
  • Example 1: Taper shaft
  • Example 2: Input shaft
  • Example 3: Guide shaft
  • Example 4: Hollow shaft
  • Example 5: Plunge-turning
  • And now you can start manufacturing!
  • How accomplished are you in the use of ShopTurn?