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Device set "Sensor technology - basic kit" with case
Order-№: 98282  
Price on request

Suitcase system for storing and transporting sensor technology assemblies, with sensor technology basic kit contents. With the contents of this kit it is possible to set up and perform 36 exercises from the sensor technology basics exercise manual.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 640 x 420 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 14.1 kg
  • 1x Leveling for sensors
  • 9x Measuring line 500 mm, red
  • 10x Measuring line 500 mm, blue
  • 9x Measuring line  500 mm, black
  • 1x Guidance unit 450 mm with ultrasound measuring device
  • 1x Motor unit with controller
  • 1x Counter housing version, frequency module, 1 display, T5
  • 1x Distributor housing version, 10x
  • 1x Sensor inductive, Sn = 8 mm
  • 1x Sensor inductive, Sn = 2 mm
  • 1x Sensor capacitive, Sn = 8 mm
  • 1x Sensor magnetic field, Sn = 60 mm
  • 1x Reflection light scanner, Sn = 200 mm
  • 1x Fiber-optic cable, scan mode
  • 1x Fiber-optic cable, one-way mode
  • 1x Cases
  Order-Nr.  Name
 TS sensor technology extension   93634  TS sensor technology extension 
 Material sample case   93068  Material sample case