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Bell Casting - Basic Training Set
Order-№: 99873  
Price on request

With the INSTRUCTA foundry instruction sets the primary and still fundamental forming method can be realized by the students themselves in the class room.

Each student will enjoy the astonishing clean cut form in moulding sand as well as the easy handling with the low melting fluid metal.
Due to the modern and sandrepelling pattern in epoxy-resin the instruction sets are extremely close to practice. Instruction is highly facilitated by detailed information and working sheets.

The instruction set “Bell Casting” contains 3 patterns:

  • The Bell as a natural or a onepiece pattern.
  • The Anvil as a split, assymmetrical pattern, with big cake, particulary suited to demonstrate the shrinkage cavitation.
  • The Anchor as a split, symmetrical pattern with its mean wall thickness, shows the limits of sand casting.

Special non-poisonous, lead- and zinc-free alloy, melting point 210° C, corresponding in its basic characteristics to the steel casting (intensive shrinking, non shock-absorbing, tough). With the Bell Casting the modern moulding technique without riser (diminution of the circulation material) can be demonstrated.

  • Cope and drag box with pattern plate
  • Bell-, anvil- and anchor-pattern
  • Bell clapper with mounting device
  • Moulding tools
  • Parting agent
  • Thermometer
  • Pouring ladle with 5 kg INSTRUCTA-alloy (melting point 230/238° C)
  • Work sheets for instructor and trainees
  • 15 kg moulding sand in separate container

Total grossweight: 37 kg

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