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S7-1516F-3 PN/DP
Trainer Package
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This trainer package from the Siemens SCE program allows you a cost-effective introduction to PLC technology with the SIMATIC S7-1500.
It contains all hardware components to build up and operate a functional PLC system. Only the programming software TIA-Portal is still needed separately.
The integrated PROFINET IO interface of the CPU allows additional I/O modules to be connected decentrally or several PLCs (CPUs) to be networked with each other.
As with all SIMATIC S7 systems, programming is performed with STEP 7.

The CPU with medium to large program and data memory is suitable for applications that contain decentralized automation structures in addition to central I/Os. It can be used as a PROFINET IO controller or as distributed intelligence (PROFINET I-Device). Thanks to the integrated PROFINET IO IRT interface, networks with line structure can be implemented.
In addition, the CPU offers extensive control functionalities as well as the possibility to connect drives via standardized PLC-open blocks.
The SIMATIC Memory Card (24 MB) required for operation is already included in the package.

NEW: The CPU has a display with functions like:

  • Display of overview information (e.g. station name, plant code, location code, etc.)
  • Display of diagnostic information,
  • Display of module information,
  • Display of display settings,
  • Set IP addresses,
  • Set the date & time,
  • Switching the operating mode,
  • Resetting the CPU to factory settings,
  • Lock/unlock the display,
  • Enable protection levels.

Please note that special licensing rules apply for these products. Please download the accompanying Licence Agreement:

License Agreement

Please sign and stamp it and submit it together with your order. No sales to private individuals.

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  • Use and programming of PLC controls, PLC programming
  • Commissioning and maintenance of automated systems (EBT)
  • Maintaining automation systems and eliminating faults (EAT)
  • Install and commission automation systems (EAT)
  • Planning automation systems (EAT)
  • Configuring the hardware and software of modules (EGS)
  • Analysis and Adaptation of Information Technology Systems (SYI)
  • Provide information technology systems
  • Schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • For in-house vocational training departments

32 digital inputs
32 digital outputs
8 analog input modules
4 analog output modules
SIMATIC S7 memory card 24 MByte
Power supply primary: AC 120/230 V
Power supply sekundary: DC 24 V/8 A
Mounting rail 482 mm
Weight: approx. 3 kg

Siemens product no.: 6ES7516-3FN00-4AB2

  • 1x SIMATIC PM 1507 24 V/8 A stabilized power supply
    Input: 120/230 V AC, Output: 24 V/8 A DC
    Siemens product no.: 6EP1333-4BA00
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500F, CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP, with working memory 1,5 MB for program, 5 MB for data,
    1. interface, PROFINET IRT with 2 port switch,
    2. interface, ETHERNET,
    3. interface, PROFIBUS, 10 NS BIT-performance, SIMATIC memory card necessary
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7516-3FN01-0AB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, digital input module DI32 X DC24V, 32 channels in groups of 16;
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7521-1BL00-0AB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, digital output module DQ 32 X 24VDC/0.5A; 32 channels
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7522-1BL01-0AB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, analog input moule AI 8 X U/I/RTD/TC, 16 Bits of resolution, accuracy 0.3 %; 8 channels
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7531-7KF00-0AB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, analog output module AQ 4 X U/I ST; 16 Bits of resolution, accuracy 0.3 %; 4 channels in groups of 4;
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7532-5HD00-0AB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, mounting rail 482 mm (appt. 19 inch)
    incl. grounding element, integrated DIN rail for mounting of small components such as clamps, fuses or relays
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7590-1AE80-0AA0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7-1500, DIN rail 482 mm
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7590-1AE80-0AA0
  • 1 X SIMATIC S7, memory card for S7-1X00 CPU/SINAMICS, 3,3 V Flash, 24 MByte
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7954-8LF01-0AA0
  • 4 X SIMATIC S7-1500, frontconnector screw-type, 40PIN, for 35 mm, wide modules
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7592-1AM00-0XB0
  • 1 X SIMATIC NET industrial ETHERNET TP XP CORD RJ45/RJ45, CAT 6,
    crossed TP cable 4x2, preassembled W. 2 RJ45 connectors, length 6 m
    Siemens product no.: 6XV1870-3RH60
  • 1x SIMATIC STEP7 Software for Training
    Siemens product no.: 6ES7822-1AA04-4YA5

  • Windows® XP Home / Professional
  • Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 Home / Professional / Enterprise
  • Intel Pentium® or compatible CPU, min. 250 MHz, min. 128 MB RAM (depending on the operating system used)
  • Hard disk with at least 240 MB free memory
  • VGA graphics, 1024*768 pixels
  • Installed Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 3.0 or higher