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LOGO!Learn Advanced
Order-№: 58037  
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Important note:

"LOGO!Learn Advanced" is suitable for the LOGO! module 0BA6 and 8. Expansion adapter #59441 is required for use with the LOGO! module 0BA7. This allows the larger 0BA7 LOGO! module to be fitted to the "LOGO!Learn Advanced" training device.

The "LOGO!Learn Advanced" training unit is the follow-up to LOGO!Learn Basic. For analogue value input, 4 potentiometers are integrated. Via 4 slide switches, digital inputs (I1, I2, I7 and I8) are switched over to analogue inputs. This allows 10 different switching states to be implemented in the LOGO! via the IR remote control. The LOGO! compact control is installed on both training boards according to the industrial standard. It can be installed or uninstalled at any time using a screwdriver.

The training device "LOGO!Learn Advanced" offers a wide range of training options. It is build on a stable aluminium angle. For signal input are integrated 8 toggle switches (on - off - momentary on) as well as four potentiometers for analog value setting 0...10V. The signal output is indicated by four LEDs (5 mm). It is possible to plug external simulators like Plug-On Modules (e.g. Motor, Traffic Lights, etc. - available as accessories) or simulation models (fischertechnik, ALU-LINE) on the 24-pin interface connector. By slide switches on the board, the digital inputs (I1, I2, I7 and I8) can be switched to analog inputs. By slide switch “IR receiver" input I3 is activated for IR receiving. This allows to realize 10 additional switching states with the LOGO! via an IR remote control. The slide switch "Bero Simulation" activates input I4. This allows to linearly set a frequency from 60 Hz to 5 KHz with the potentiometer. The adjusted frequency is then fed to the LOGO! for internal processing. By slide switch "Signal Encoder On/Off" the acoustic signal generator (horn) can be activated. At the lateral socket of the LOGO!, expansion modules (e.g. Pt 100, 2AA, DM8, etc. - available as accessories) can be plugged and mechanically locked on the training device. At the terminal "Display" the display LOGO! TD can be connected. The LOGO! controller (version: 0BA6) is mounted on the training device in accordance to industrial standards. The controller can be installed or removed with a screwdriver easily. The enclosed 34 exercises are based on the principle "From easy to demanding" and are printed on 34 learning cards. You can easily replace them on the board as required.

  • Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (max. 24V) 500mA
  • 4 Potentiometers for voltage setting from 0 to 10V / 10mA (analog value input)
  • 1 Potentiometer for Sonar-Bero simulation 60 Hz - 5 KHz
  • 1 IR receiver for receiving 10 selected frequencies via remote control (additional 10 inputs for the LOGO!)
  • 8 Toggle switches (on - off - momentary on) for signal input
  • 4 LEDs for status indication of outputs
  • 4 Slide switches digital to analog input
  • 1 Slide switch digital input to IR receiving
  • 1 Slide switch digital input to Sonar-Bero simulation
  • 1 Switch for activating the horn
  • 1 Terminal for text display LOGO! TD
  • 1 Interface connector (24-pin) for Plug-On Modules or simulation models
  • 1 Socket for expansion modules (8-pin)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 215 x 145 x 100 mm
  • Weight: approx. 0.73 kg

  • 1 Training device LOGO!Learn Advanced without LOGO!Learn module
  • 1 IR remote control (without batteries)
  • 1 AC-DC switching adapter 5-24 V
  • 34 Learning cards (practical examples with solutions) on CD-ROM (English/Spanish/German)

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