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Compressed-Air Braking System EBS 1C
Training Stand
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The motor vehicle compressed-air braking system consists solely of original components from WABCO. To show the EBS control procedures, the functional model has four electrically driven wheel units for simulation of the front and rear axle. An integrated fault circuit, with 10 practically oriented faults, makes it possible to follow realistic operating situations and practice troubleshooting. The modular system structure allows students to gradually become accustomed to the fi eld of commercial vehicle compressed-air braking systems.

The flexible component connections ensure the greatest possible freedom in designing training situations and action-oriented learning content transfer. The differently coloured compressed-air lines support a clearly structured test set-up. The system has an OBD diagnostic interface for connecting suitable diagnostic systems. Another interface allows connection of up to 14 trainee measuring stations.

Supplied with four large pressure gauges and original test connections, the test steps of the functional and SP pressure protection tests can be presented in a logical structure in line with Appendix VIII § 29 of the German road traffi c licensing regulations (StVZO).

The original WABCO diagnostic program, WABCO test equipment and WABCO presentation programs are available as enhancements and accessories. The size has been matched to the size of a conventional 80 cm door. This allows the set-up to be moved around a building without causing problems, allowing it to be used at various locations.

  • Supply and brake line with spiral flexible pipes and coupling heads
  • Two-circuit dual-circuit brake systems according to EG
  • Electronic braking system EBS
  • Electronically controlled air suspension ECAS
  • Original WABCO trailer diagnostic connector
  • Trailer supply cable with EBS plug
  • Automotive mechatronics technician with focus on commercial vehicle technology
  • Service technician
  • Master Craftsman/Institute for Automotive Technician
  • Performing maintenance, diagnostic and repair work on braking systems and networked systems
  • Identification of braking systems, analysis of functions and interaction with other systems
  • Limiting faults in braking systems
  • Evaluation of self-diagnosis of electronic brake energy control systems and networked systems
  • Linking of control units, analysis of data exchange
  • Documentation of measured values, signals and error logs
  • Utilization of the possibilities of standard workshop diagnostic and information technology
  • Coding of control units, adaptation of software versions and testing of data communication lines
  • Observe manufacturer-specific regulations for the replacement of worn and defective components

Immediately ready for use and mobile functional model

  • self-locking safety compressed air couplings on all components
  • all required hose connections
  • data sheets, wiring and tubing diagram, manual and operating instructions
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 110 x 800 x 1970 mm
  • Weight: approx. 230 kg