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CR Diagnostic Set Return quantity measurement Lehnert Tools
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Common-Rail Diagnostic Set Portable tester for the function control of Common-Rail high pressure injectors in the circulation mode

Common Rail injectors reach their peak effect, the optimum atomization through high pressure (up to 2100 bar) and finest injection openings. These conditions can only be fulfilled by a perfectly working injector in all temperature- and rpm-areas of the engine.

Slightest discrepancies between the set values (such as internal leakages of the injectors) change the injection conduct and lead to malfunctions, such as start and rotation difficulties, with the result of a decrease in productivity, increase of fuel consumption or increased pollutant emission, and thus leads to a higher environmental impact.

The values that can be fetched from the CPU give only indications concerning the malfunction of the injection systems. Only a combination of engine tester and precise, sometimes long lasting measurements of recycle-flow amount of injector within the circulation mode, can give sound information about the possible defaults within the system.

Having knowledge about these technical conditions, the system has developed in such a way, that it is closely integrated within the circulation of the recycle-flow-system.

The tester for the function check of Common Rail high pressure injectors, wherefore is shortly receiving the patent rights, calculates the absolute as well as the relative recycle-flow amount and additionally allows long-term-measurings of diverse rpms and engine temperatures.

Therefore also some changing measurements can be specifically controlled. As the state of control does not portray any change of the original state of the engine, the diagnosis will not be falsified.

The worldwide patented diagnosis system for the function control of high-pressure injectors in the circulation mode – developed for Bosch piezo injectors – compatible with all systems!

1 Connection process = reading 5 important measurement values simultaneously during long-term test!

  1. Absolute recycle flow amount per injector (ml/min)
  2. Recycle flow amount in comparison
  3. Return pressure (-1 bar – 16 bar)
  4. Return temperature
  5. Air bubble formation in return flow

The installation of the whole test set-up can be performed very quickly, as the adaptor tubes have true to the original connection couplings and with plug-in couplings can be connected to the actual checking unit (mistake excluded).

During the check procedure one can permanently read the flow amount within a checking glass with a float especially calibrated for Diesel fuel. In order to receive additional information, you can also in-between couple the pressure gauge with the temperature probe through the simple coupling system. Even the smallest leakage in the injection system can be detected by small bubbles in the diagnostic tool.

The future-adapted designed and protected device can be connected to all systems, that are currently known on the market, as well to all injectors that will in future appear on the market (depending on the manufacturer of the injector) by means of the adaptor tubes.

Essential advantages:

  • short installation time through mistake-avoiding coupling system
  • usable on all Bosch-, Siemens-, Denso- and Delphi- injection systems (also Piezo)
  • long-term test at different rpms and engine temperatures in connection to engine diagnosis device possible
  • pressure gauge and temperature probe in-between coupleable
  • top quality by hand-made-manufacturing „Made in Germany“