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Planning Guide for Power Distribution Plants
Design, Implementation and Operation of Industrial Networks
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1. edition 2011, 427 pages

When planning an industrial power supply plant, the specific requirements of the individual production process are decisive for the design and mode of operation of the network and for the selection and design and ratings of the operational equipment. Since the actual technical risks are often hidden in the profound and complex planning task, planning decisions should be taken after responsible and careful consideration because of their deep effects on supply quality and energy efficiency.

This book is intended for engineers and technicians of the energy industry, industrial companies and planning departments. It provides basic technical network and plant knowledge on planning, installation and operation of reliable and economic industrial networks. In addition, it facilitates training for students and graduates in this field.
In an easy and comprehensible way, this book informs about solution competency gained in many years of experience. Moreover, it also offers planning recommendations and knowledge on standards and specifications, the use of which ensures that technical risks are avoided and that production and industrial processes can be carried out efficiently, reliably and with the highest quality.

  • Basics: Industrial networks, planning process for multiple-objective oriented decisions with long-term consequences
  • Planning recommendations for medium voltage systems: Choosing the system voltage, determining short-circuit stress and the necessary short-circuit withstand capability, defining optimum system configurations for industrial power supplies, choosing the neutral earthing, design of the power system protection
  • Planning recommendations for low voltage systems: Choosing the system voltage, short-circuit power and currents in the power system, designing a low-voltage power system to meet requirements, selecting and dimensioning the electrical equipment, reactive-power compensation, design of the power system protection