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2-FLEX carrier system 1600
Order-№: 59699  
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The 2-FLEX system carrier from the elneos® connect series is the maximum in mobility, the minimum in space requirements and the maximum in versatility. In cooperation with the Erfi company, we have designed this system carrier for electrical engineering, especially for the target group of training and further education.

In the elneos® connect series, we are thus linking up with the successful concept from the control technology sector, which has been enjoying great popularity with the MAPS from the varantec® series for some years now.

The slim dimensions of 1600 x 850 x 1800 mm and the movable rollers allow the 2-FLEX system carrier to be moved through almost any standard door or in lifts. Nevertheless, 2 to 4 people can be taught at one table system, depending on the task/use (with 1600 mm version).

The 2-FLEX system carrier has 2 hanging containers as well as a 2-row experiment frame each, in which A4 learning boards or various perforated plates can be hung.

Each side of the 2-FLEX system carrier has the following equipment:

  • Hanging container with 4 drawers
  • Worktops account for 50% of the total area
  • 2-row experimental frame
  • 2x perforated plate for hanging and locking in the experimental frame

Left and right vertical Expandprofile 2 with the following installation devices:

3-phase safety and switching unit

  • Motor protection switch
  • NFI switch
  • Emergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into room emergency stop circuit
  • Phase indicator lights

Socket outlet module

  • 4x sockets with earthing contact
  • Safety laboratory sockets
  • Three-phase current module
  • CEE plug
  • Safety laboratory sockets

Fixed voltage module

  • 24 V / 5 A

Compressed air supply adjustable