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2-FLEX carrier system 1200
Order-№: 59733  
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The 2-FLEX carrier system from the elneos® connect series offers the maximum in mobility, the minimum in space requirements and the maximum in versatile usability. In collaboration with Erfi , we have designed these electrical engineering carrier systems with the training and advanced training target group in mind. For this reason, we have based the elneos® connect series on the successful control technology concept which has already enjoyed great popularity for several years with the multifunctional training desk system from the varantec® series. The slim dimensions 1200 (1600) x 850 x 1800 mm and mobile rollers make it possible to move the 2-FLEX carrier system through almost any door or in elevators. Yet, depending on the task/application, 2 to 4 persons can be taught at one bench system (with the 1600 mm version). The 2-FLEX carrier system has two screw-on containers, e.g. for tools, and a double-row experiment frame, to which A4 training boards or various perforated sheets can be attached.

Screw-on container

4x drawers

Work top share of 50% of the total area 2-row experiment frame 2x perforated screens
for hanging on and locking in the experiment frame

Vertical expansion profile 2 on left and right
with the following built-in devices

3-phase safety and switching device

  • Motor protection switch
  • RCD switch
  • Emergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into the room's emergency stop circuit
  • Phase control lights

Socket module

  • 4 x Safety sockets
  • Safety lab connectors

Three-phase current module

  • CEE connector
  • Safety lab connectors

Fixed voltage module

24 V / 5 A

Compressed air supply


  1. Devices are easily accessible in the vertical expansion profile 2
  2. 2-row experiment frame for training boards and other screw-on systems
  3. Assembly boards to be attached to the experiment frame
  4. Screw-on container
  5. Lockable castors for mobile use
  6. The reverse side is identical; two identical workstations for up to 4 persons
  7. Continuous work top