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elneos® Laboratory Bench with Two Expansion Profiles (Left/Right) and a 19” Cockpit
Order-№: 95375  
Price on request

This extended configuration meets even higher demands. Along with the advantages specified for the previous variant, this laboratory bench is also equipped with an additional cockpit. The aluminium duct contains, in addition to many other helpful devices, the elneos® five capacitive control centre, an indicator light and a workstation light.

Built-in devices 3-phase safety and switching device

  • Motor protection switch
  • RCD switch
  • mergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into the room's emergency stop circuit
  • Phase control lights

elneos® five - 7" multitouch capacitive control centre

  • Precision control power supply and measuring device
  • Precision digital universal multimeter
  • Dual-function generator incl. modulation
  • Socket module
  • 3 x Safety sockets

Three-phase current module

  • CEE connector
  • Safety lab connectors

Compressed air supply

Socket module

  • 2 x Safety sockets

Supply module

  • Safety lab connectors L1, N and PE

Fixed voltage source

  • 24 V / 5 A

Double data socket RJ45
Compressed air supply, adjustable remotely controllable stabilized power supply

  • 0-30 V / 0 – 2 A

Isolating transformer

  • 230 V / 115 VA 50 Hz, floating

Sensor-controlled LED workstation lights RGB-LED indicator light