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elneos® Laboratory Bench
Two Expansion Profiles (Left/Right)
Order-№: 95373  
Price on request

The laboratory benches from the elneos series not only look modern in appearance, but also have a solid yet lightweight construction, which is achieved by using aluminium components.
The high flexibility in the choice of dimensioning (LxWxH), the possibilities for mounting and extension (cable flaps, ducts, cockpits, extension profiles, lighting, containers, etc.), the wide range of built-in devices leaves nothing to be desired.

We would be pleased to advise you personally for an individual solution!

The laboratory bench with Expandprofile 2

Drive technology in school education, but also in operational instruction, places special demands on a laboratory bench.
For this reason, this laboratory bench was designed with good accessibility to the connections by placing the units in the vertical expansion profiles.
The table surface is thus free for notebook, documents, motors and other devices or aids.
The 2-row experimental frame provides sufficient space for the standard A4 learning boards.

  • Laboratory bench with Expandprofile 2 and built-in units
  • Basic dimensions 1600 x 850 x 780 mm
  • Connectors in standard colour blue (RAL 5002)
  • Work surface 30 mm HPL laminated chipboard, front corners with 20 mm radius**

The built-in appliances:

3-phase safety and switching unit, consisting of

  • Motor protection switch
  • NFI switch
  • Emergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into room emergency stop circuit
  • Phase indicator lights

Three-phase current module

  • CEE plug
  • Safety laboratory sockets

Socket outlet module

  • 3 x socket outlet with earthing contact
  • 2 x socket outlet with earthing contact

Power supply module

  • Safety laboratory sockets L1, N, PE

Fixed voltage source

  • 24 V / 5 A

2-fold data socket

  • RJ45