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elneos® laboratory bench with swivelling duct
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Do you want to approve trainees’ or pupils’ access to the mains voltage and built-in devices, or do you use the laboratories for lessons without experiments? Then simply make the devices disappear at the push of a button! No preparation, no need to tidy away devices, no additional storage space required.

The swivelling duct

The swivelling duct accommodates the electrical equipment from 3HU slide-in modules and, when retracted, conceals them fully in the bench top. The electromotive swivelling function can be actuated individually via a key switch underneath the bench top, but can also be networked via an integrated interface. A microprocessorcontrolled drive swivels the aluminium duct quickly and smoothly into position. The security function offers reliable protection against trapping. With continuous monitoring of the power draw, any resistance during closing is noticed immediately and the duct is immediately moved back to the open position. A double sealing lip at the front of the swivelling duct prevents the built-in devices from getting dirty.

Built-in devices 3-phase safety and switching device

  • Motor protection switch
  • RCD switch
  • Emergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into the room's emergency stop circuit
  • Phase control lights

elneos® five - 7" multitouch capacitive control centre

  • 2 x precision control power supply and measuring device
  • Precision digital universal multimeter
  • Power, energy and digital multimeter
  • Dual-function generator, incl. modulation
  • Additional connection field

Socket module

  • 4 x Safety sockets
  • Safety lab connectors

Three-phase current module

  • CEE connector
  • Safety lab connectors

80 W soldering station with digital display

  • 2 x RJ45 sockets