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elneos® laboratory bench with aluminium duct
Order-№: 95376  
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The ultra-flexible sizing (LxWxH), add-on and expansion options (cable flaps, ducts, cockpits, expansion profiles, lighting, containers, etc.), as well as the wide range of built-in devices, leaves nothing to be desired. The versions offered here (with aluminium duct, 19” bench top) have exactly the same built-in devices and are modern and solid basic equipment for training workshops. They differ only in terms of the type of energy channels used.

Aluminium duct

Advantages: The aluminium duct holds the electronic equipment and, at the same time, cools the built-in devices. Due to the compact design, this duct offers increased working area on the bench and is also particularly cost-effective. Due to the narrow depth, however, not all conventional 19" slide-in modules can be used.

Built-in devices 3-phase safety and switching device

  • Motor protection switch
  • RCD switch
  • Emergency stop mushroom button
  • Can be looped into the room's emergency stop circuit
  • Phase control lights

elneos® five - 7" multitouch capacitive control centre

  • 2 x precision control power supply and measuring device
  • Precision digital universal multimeter
  • Power, energy and digital multimeter
  • Dual-function generator, incl. modulation
  • Additional connection field

Socket module

  • 4 x Safety sockets
  • Safety lab connectors

Three-phase current module

  • CEE connector
  • Safety lab connectors

80 W soldering station with digital display

  • 2 x RJ45 sockets