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Training Boards for protective measures and installation technology, consisting of Training Board SAFETY (article 54800), Training Board ELECTRIC INSTALLATION (article 54807) and Training Board INSTALLATION TEST (article 52788).

All three topics are important foundations for most electrical and electronics professions. The protective measures according to DIN VDE 0100 are of particular importance here, and can be conveyed completely on the Safety Board. The ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION BOARD enables learning basic circuits of installation technology on a board oriented toward real-world applications. The INSTALLATION TEST BOARD is used for measurements in the field of electrical safety technology and installation technology. Both boards feature error simulation, which can be used to practice searching for the most frequent errors.

Our SAFETY BOARD provides you with a practice system that is perfectly suited to performing experiments in the field of electrical protective measures. All experiments are carried out with protective low voltage. Proper functioning of the most important assemblies is indicated visually by LEDs. All required experimental components are built into the device.

  • Protection against direct and indirect contact
  • Protection through protective low voltage
  • RCD fault current protective devices
  • Overcurrent protective devices
  • Summation current transformer
  • Autotransformer
  • Protective measures in the TN, TT and IT network
  • Measuring the earth resistance
  • Protective insulation and protective separation
  • Earthing
  • Cable set for SAFETY BOARD
  • Experiment guide for electrical protective measures

Laboratory table not included in the scope of delivery!

  • Electronics engineers of buildings and infrastructure
  • Electronics engineers of operating technology
  • Basics for all other electrical/electronics professions