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Technical Teaching Materials
Technical Teaching Materials
Handling device in working condition
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With this assembly kit, students are made familiar with the basic principles and function of modern automation technology.
The assembly kit is an independently functioning training module that includes all didactic training materials.

What can students learn with this module?

  • Structure of pneumatic control systems
  • PLC programming
  • Commissioning of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Use and adjustment of mechanical limit switches
  • Structure, function and use of magnetically mounted reed contacts
  • Automation of work processes

The module "Handling device" is an independent element of the Christiani assembly kit "mMS junior". It uses a suction cup to pick up workpieces and to put them down at a different specified point. To enable it to do this, in addition to several pneumatic cylinders and valves, it is also fitted with an electric motor and a worm gear for turning the device, plus several other interesting parts.

How it works:
The pneumatic cylinder extends, pressing the suction cup down to pick up the workpiece. After the workpiece has been picked up, the handling device is moved to position 1 by the electric motor and the worm gear, which is used to turn the device. The device sets the workpiece down and waits until the process is complete. The suction cup then picks the workpiece up again, moves to the next position, sets the workpiece down again, which it does with great precision thanks to the sensors/photoelectric barriers, and signals its readiness to hand over to the downstream module.

  • Valves
  • Dual action pneumatic cylinder
  • Suction cup
  • Photoelectric barrier
  • Didactic documents
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 Handling device memory card   84666  Handling device memory card 
 mMS junior "Press Works" compressor   84655  mMS junior "Press Works" compressor