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Technical Teaching Materials
Technical Teaching Materials
Christiani Industrial Model
Conveyor Belt
Stand Alone Model
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The model Conveyor Belt simulates a moving unit with accurately defined start and end positions, as used for example as in productiion of serial products, as for electric gates. The assembly line consists of a conveyor belt with start and stop buttons and sensor systems to recognize parts. The simulated process simplistically shows a transport step of a work piece: Pushing a start button at one end of the conveyor belt the band starts to run and the work piece will be brought to the other end of the conveyor belt. A Reed switch indicates reaching the right position. That sensor actuates an assembly process, which is represented by a light emitting diode.

With Christiani's industrial models, you can convey almost all learning content as in a real automation system:

Requirements definition, control planning, control selection, programming, commissioning, setup and adjustment, verification of results

Power supply of sensors and actuators: 24 DC


  • 2x Reed switches
  • 2x Mechanical switches



  • 1x Motors with two directions
  • 2x Light emitting diodes


Control System Requirements:

  • 4x Digital Inputs (+reading)
  • 4x Digital Outputs (+ switching)



  • W x D x H: 350 x 200 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 1,6 kg

Training in the departments:

  • automation technology
  • PLC programming
  • control technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • maintenance
  • logistics