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Technical Teaching Materials
Technical Teaching Materials
Mechanics Starter Kit
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The Starter Kit learning modules enable the students to build and carry out experiments on simple models in order to learn about technical concepts. Small projects help students to expand on the knowledge that they have already gained.

The Mechanics Starter Kit helps students to understand mechanical systems, levers, belt pulleys and gearwheels.


  • Mechanisms: Worm and worm gear, gear rim and pinion, universal joint, bevel gear wheels, rack and pinion, etc.
  • Transferring rotary motion: Belt drive, chain drive
  • Project tasks: Design a mechanism
  • Lever and leverage forces, cog wheels and transmissions
  • Project task: Cable winch
  • fischertechnik components,
  • 2 sorting boxes with sorting help,
  • 2 base plates,
  • detailed didactic accompanying booklet with construction manual, worksheets, learning targets and tips for teachers
  • Primary Education
  • For 2 students