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Case Electrostatics
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This case electrostatics contains all of the neatly organised individual parts students need to independently investigate the fascinating aspects of electrostatics. The handy foam insert means all the required parts for setting up an experiment can be removed quickly and easily and combined in any number of ways.

Device set in sturdy, high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert

For experiments on the following topics:

Contact electricity

  • Rubbed ebonite rod and acrylic glass rod
  • Discharging via a neon lamp
  • Plus/minus sign of an electric charge
  • Conductors – Non-conductors

Electrostatic interaction

  • Action of force between charged objects
  • Model experiment for electroscope
  • Electroscope

Electrostatic induction – Polarisation

  • Electroscope in an electric field
  • Charge equalisation
  • Separation of charge by electrostatic induction and neutralisation
  • Faraday cage
  • Insulators in an electric field – Polarisation

Consisting of:

2 electroscope, basic
1 aluminium rod, L = 150 mm
1 polystyrene balls in plastic box
1 plastic rod with drilled hole, L = 150 mm
1 ebonite rod, L = 300 mm
1 acrylic glass rod, L = 300 mm
1 plug pin with needle
1 Faraday beaker
1 aluminium strip
1 acrylic glass rod with drilled hole
1 hare skin
1 polyethylene cloth
2 pedestal
1 soffit lamp
1 high-quality plastic case with device-shaped foam insert,

dimensions: 45 x 33 x 11 cm


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