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Practical data for trade and industry
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1st edition 2006, 522 pages

The effects of globalisation have not only reached marketing and commerce, but also increasingly the traditional sectors of trade and industry. As a consequence, one is confronted more and more with unknown terms and units of measurement, whose relations to each other can only be researched and compared with a great deal of time and effort. This problematic situation gave birth to the idea of creating a handy little book of tables and charts, in which the most important of the designations and units of measurement used world-wide, were not only compared with each other, but also presented both German and English. Special emphasis was placed on practical orientation. On the desk in the construction office or on the workbench in the workshop: compact information for world-wide usage.

The pocket book “Practical data for trade and industry” opens with the fundamentals of mathematics, units of measurement, mechanics, electrical engineering and chemistry. This is followed by comprehensive information from the field of materials science, where the most important characteristic properties of metals, plastics, wood and mineral-based materials are presented side by side in easy-to-read, bilingual tables and charts. The section on “connection technology” describes different methods for screw connections and adhesive joints with graphics examples. Riveting, soldering and welding techniques are also included as are traditional wood joining techniques.

Another important section of the pocket book describes machining techniques commonly applied in trade and industry with hand-help machine tools. In separate chapters on drilling, tapping, sawing, routing, planning, sanding/grinding and working safety, power tool users in trade and industry will find all there is to know required for successful work.