Technical Vocational Training in Europe

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About Christiani
Our mission statement
Our employees
Our vision for tomorrow
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Our mission statement

Our goals, our commitment and our vision for tomorrow

  • We want to be a reliable and friendly employer
    with good prospects as well as provide good
    quality of work and life for our staff.
  • We consider training as a social responsibility.
    We can proudly say that at least 10% of
    our employees are trainees.
  • Our ideas and actions are performance-oriented
    and communication is open and fair.

To assist our customers, we are gradually developing to the leading institute and media house in vocational training on both national and international level.

We are strengthening our position as a committed enterprise with apt know-how for companies, associations, organisations and partners.

Our activities focus on developing innovative teaching material and on its professional and timely conversion into educationally useful teaching and learning concepts.

HR managers, management personnel, instructors, who bank upon strategically integrated advanced vocational training, can depend on the sustainability of the contents of our products. This also applies to trainees and individuals, who qualify for a distance education course.

As the requirements of advanced vocational training is getting more and more complex, our services and products offer a theoretically and practically well-founded guide to ensure a definite transfer of knowledge into practice.

Our process involves focussing on the situation specific to the organisation and country in the field of advanced vocational training. We carry out discussions with personnel managers and human resource developers and other experts on-site and are accepted partners in the decision-making bodies.

We are in close contact with professionals, schools and colleges, whose judgement about our products and services provide relevant directions to us.

With this concept, we are convinced that our company can succeed both economically and interpersonally for the next 75 years as well – for the benefit of our customers, our employees, partners and proprietors.