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The First Time of Presidents of Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG
to China and Reached an Important Cooperation Intention with Shenzhen Institute of Technology

On the morning of October 13, 2017, Presidents of Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG Mr. Ralf Detzel, Mr. Helmut Fromm, Mr. Ferdinand Ganser(North America and the Asia-Pacific region), Mr. Horst Stadler(China) and the leadership of Guangdong Kepler Information Technology Co.,Ltd. jointly visited Shenzhen Institute of Technology, reached an important cooperation intention about further deepening Sino-German cooperation — establishment of the first "German Christiani Vocational Technical Education Training Center" in China. Leaders of Shenzhen Institute of Technology like party secretary and dean Tao Li, vice dean De Wang, director of office of academic affairs Dongxiao Ji, and directors of the Sino-German Intelligent Institute of Shenzhen Institute of Technology have attended the meeting.

(Signing ceremony scene-Christiani und Shenzhen Institute of Technology)

At the meeting, the dean Tao Li expressed his warm welcome to the presidents of Christiani and introduced the running situation and results of running of the Shenzhen Institute of Technology. He fully affirmed the previous sucessful cooperation results with Christiani and Kepler with hope of improving cooperation level, expanding cooperation scope on the previous basis, to join hands to build the first "German Christiani Vocational Technical Education Training Center" in China. Dean Li has expressed, the training center will introduce the advanced concept and experience of Germany vocational education, provide training services for vocational colleges and high-end manufacturing enterprises in South China. Meanwhiles it will be a useful attempt to innovate the training mode of skilled personnel, which has important practical exploration significance to promote the cooperation and development of vocational education between China and Germany, and provide strong support to the "Made in China 2025" docking Germany "Industrial 4.0".

(Dean Tao Li’ s speech)

Then president of Christiani Mr. Ralf Detzel made a speech. He praised the running scale and performance of Shenzhen Institute of Technology, thought that the Institute is a strong partner of Christiani in China. He has confidence in further deepening cooperation in the future. President Mr. Ralf Detzel has expressed, the early cooperation between two sides run smooth and has made the stage results, this is a successful start. The "German Christiani Vocational Technical Education Training Center" joinly built today after signment will be an important base to promote the localization of German vocational education resources in China, to provide training services for Chinese vocational schools and advanced manufacturing enterprises, which is conducive to improving the influence and competitiveness of China's vocational education. For the 44th World Skills Contest in Abu Dhabi, Mr. Detzel also wished the school a triumphant success. As one of the official partner of World Skills Germany, Christiani is supporting the German delegation.

(Dean Tao Li presented the medals in the 44th World Skills Contest)

(Christiani awarded the Shenzhen Institute of Technology the plaque of "Best Partner")

(Presidents of Christiani and Shenzhen Institute of Technology inaugurated)

Accompanied by the leadership of the Shenzhen Institute of Technology, Presidents of Christiani visited the campus, training room and the classrooms.

(Visit in training workshop of Sino-German integration institute)

(visit the Sino-German integration classroom)

(Studied and discussed the materials being used by students)

At the afternoon, The Sino-German Vocational Education Cooperation Meeting was held in the conference room. At this meeting president Mr. Ralf Detzel introduced the important role of Christiani as one of Germany's oldest providers of vocational education resources in the development of German dualism vocational education, as well as the support role of the German delegation, while Christiani is the main partner of the World Skills Contest. Mr. Ralf Detzel stressed that the combination of German skills standards and local technical education characteristics is the difficulty of dual education localization. It soll sort out the working abilities of students in the enterprise, while making talent training program. Mr. Ralf Detzel hopes that more German technical education resources will be introduced to China to serve Chinese vocational schools.

(Mr. Ralf Detzel made a thematic report)

President Mr. Helmut Fromm is in charge of examinations and certifications. He explained the organization flow of German IHK-examinations and HWK-examinations. In view of these exams, the exam committee from the PAL (Prüfungsaufgaben- und Lehrmittelentwicklungsstelle) will develop and update the examinations each year according to the latest industry trends and industry standards to ensure that the exam questions reflect the talent requirements of the current industry. At the same time, experts from the committee (IHK, HWK and other industry associations, enterprises, schools) will update the question bank. At the moment the question bank is covering almost all technical subjects for preparing exams with more than 250.000 exam questions. Christiani experts organize the printing of these examination questions and then delivers to organizations that organize the examination (IHK, HWK, etc.). In case of the craftsman (HWK) Christiani also organize the committee of experts and works in the committee to develop exam questions. As one of the most authoritative providers of vocational education resources in Germany, Christiani also offers the materials for the practical examinations.

(Mr. Helmut Fromm introduced German skills training and identification standards)

Subsequently, Mr. Ferdinand Ganser, President of the North American and Asia Pacific Region of Christiani, also introduced succinctly the cooperation projects of German vocational education in other countries around the world. After listening to the German expert's theme report, the professional teacher representatives in professions Industrial Robotics and CNC of Sino-German Intelligent Institute reported on the Sino-German cooperation results: carrying out the Sino-German cooperation for more than a year, teaching planning and training room planning of this two professions have been determined under the guidance of German experts of Christiani. The appropriate professional training and teaching method training are also completed. At present, the two professions have entered the implementation stage of dual education teaching, in accordance with the German standard to train advanced skills talent. President Mr. Horst Stadler of Christiani, Vice Dean De Wang of Shenzhen Institute of Technology gave a deep comment on the report and encouraged the teachers and students of the Sino-Chilean Intelligent Institute to work together, overcome the difficulties and keep getting better.

(President Mr. Ferdinand Ganser made a speech)

(Vice dean De Wang commented on the Sino-German cooperation results)

Finally, leaders and teachers from the other schools were active to raise questions, for which the German experts offfered detailed answers. It was a successful conclusion for the Sino-German cooperation in vocational education. In the future, as the cooperation bridge of Christiani and Shenzhen Institute of Technology, Kepler will continue to join hands with Christiani, provide German vocational education resources, one-stop solution for the Chinese vocational colleges.